Gear Review: Reebok Eco-Shoe |

Gear Review: Reebok Eco-Shoe

Stephen Regenold
The Gear Junkie

Reebok will launch its first plant-based sports shoe in late 2020. With components including algae, eucalyptus trees and castor beans, the materials in the Forever Floatride GROW read like ingredients in some kind of healthy snack.

But slip it on your foot, and Reebok claims the shoe “rivals the best performance running sneakers on the market.”

The plant-based running shoe is an update to the brand’s Forever Floatride Energy model. And while it’s decidedly “green,” Reebok claims no performance compromises.

“The biggest challenge in making a shoe like this was developing plant-based materials that could meet the high-performance needs of runners,” said Bill McInnis, vice president of Reebok Future.

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