Redstone ain’t no Aspen |

Redstone ain’t no Aspen

Thank you for your long and accurate article Monday on Redstone home sizes. I do, however, have three comments to make.

Regarding home size, Patti Clapper’s house may be only 800 square feet, but she has made this sacrifice to live in Aspen. We, in Redstone, have fewer amenities but customarily enjoy larger home sizes. Life is full of trade-offs, and to be cut back so drastically after making one’s choice is unfair at best.

The home with a business my wife and I wanted to build that was “so out of scale with the community” was under 2,000 square feet! And it was in the commercial zone of Redstone, adjacent to a 3,200-square-foot building with other large buildings nearby, one over 3,200. The historic preservation commission overstepped its mandate and enforced an absurd standard that is not in their guidelines.

This issue has not sharply divided Redstone residents, as is implied. We are unanimous in opposing these further restrictions which are being pushed by Peter Martin and a few of his minions on the Historic Preservation Commission.

These proposed restrictions go far beyond those which the community voted on to implement our master plan. It is despicable for those who do not live on the Boulevard and have no financial stake in the community to impose their Disney-like views on those who have made the financial investment in Boulevard property.

Martin Fiala


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