Red Bull and bologna the recipe for alleged burglary |

Red Bull and bologna the recipe for alleged burglary

Naomi Havlen

An Aspen man was arrested on two counts of burglary Thursday for allegedly taking about $49 worth of food and drink from the storage area of a local sandwich shop.Corey Sorensen, 32, an employee of The Aspen Times, was reportedly seen on video stealing from the basement area under Johnny McGuire’s Deli on two separate occasions. He is being held in the Pitkin County Jail; both burglary charges are felonies.According to the warrant for Sorensen’s arrest, the sandwich shop’s owner told police on Sept. 1 that he had a CD with video of someone stealing from the area where they keep prepped food items and soda. The area is kept unlocked during regular business hours since the staff is in and out of the space all day long.According to shop owner Terrence McGuire, a motion-activated video surveillance camera was installed in the space about two months ago, after food was noticed missing. McGuire said he first reviewed the video in mid-August, after his Red Bull distributor said he left two cases of the drink in the area and McGuire could only find one.That video showed a white man taking a case of Red Bull and another unknown item out of the refrigerator. McGuire told police he recognized the person on the video as someone to whom he had rented an apartment near the storage area about a year before – a man named Corey who worked for one of the local newspapers.According to the warrant, the tape showed the man identified as Sorensen enter the prep room on two separate days and take items out with him. When police questioned Sorensen about the incident, he initially denied taking anything; once he saw the video, however, he told police, “OK, you got me. Guilty as charged,” according to the police report.Sorensen reportedly told police he took three sodas, a case of Red Bull, a block of cheese and a block of bologna from the room, and that he was still on probation for a theft charge from 2003 at the time.”I openly admitted to doing it, but I was extremely intoxicated when I did it … and my family has a history of alcoholism,” Sorensen said when reached at the jail Thursday. “For the last few months I’ve gotten treatment and have been on the straight and narrow.”Sorensen said he has sent a letter of apology to Johnny McGuire’s and has offered to pay restitution for the items that he stole. He is being held at the jail under $10,500 bond.Naomi Havlen’s e-mail address is