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Recycled thoughts

Dear Editor:

Before any “permanent improvements aka as a rezoning” can be made to the Rio Grande Park where the current “recycle center” sits, a public vote is required to change the use of the Rio Grande Park to a “recycle center” because of how the funding was acquired to purchase the land underneath the “recycle center.”

The biggest question is: What is more harmful to the environment and causes “global rewarming or melting of snow” … the gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing automobile trips taking recyclables to the “drop-off center” or the “recyclables” themselves?

I agree with Pitkin County’s landfill waste manager, Chris Hoofnagle; the drop-off at Rio Grande Park is redundant. If we are really serious about capturing more of the recyclable waste, then Pitkin County and the city of Aspen should partner with the Aspen School District, the Aspen Skiing Co., and the businesses in town who use alleyways for their pick-ups.

Toni Kronberg