Recycle the wraps

Dear Editor:In an otherwise excellent series on the Aspen Times’ own carbon footprint in the July 1 weekly, one of the articles ended with the incredibly lame statement that “There is little we can do to cut down on usage of newsprint … The best thing we can do to reduce our impact as a massive user of paper is to ask you, the reader, to recycle your newspaper.”May I submit that one thing you can do to reduce your impact – and to undo a really bad idea – is to stop wrapping the paper in special glossy ad sheets.If the Times insists on wrapping its papers in ads, then I invite all readers to join me in “recycling” the wraps by balling them up and returning them directly to the newspaper racks.Come winter, these advertising sections could also be used as fuel in the downtown open-air hearth.Dave ReedCarbondale