Recycle center an eyesore |

Recycle center an eyesore

Dear Editor:

Have you ever scratched a letter to the editor and never get it sent? Well, here goes.

I saw an article in The Aspen Times reporting that the Colorado Summit for Recycling was held in Aspen. It mentioned that “Aspen leads the way.” They mentioned visiting the county landfill and how impressed they were by how recycling happened on a daily basis at that facility. I’m sure all of the locals that voted against the “state of the art” recycle center were proud to show off our dust and trash bowl where the recycle bins are in Rio Grande Park. So, build a “state of the art” recycle center, and be true to your convictions, Aspenites.

Let’s take the lead by getting rid of the current “whirling-dirt dervish” by either building the recycle center or turning the area into the park, as it rightfully belongs. In Rio Grande Park we have the rugby field, the basketball courts, the skateboard park, the John Denver memorial, Theatre Aspen and the recycle center, which is a tremendously messy eyesore. The recycle center location, as a park, would be a perfect lead-in to the Rio Grande facilities and Newbury Park. It would complete the gap in the park system along the river to the John Denver memorial. The skateboard park sorely needs to be expanded. How about a bicycle park, as suggested in the paper? The space could be a perfect place to rest and watch the venues for everyone’s safety.

What would happen to the recycle center? Zupancis!

Make the recycle center a more convenient city-core gathering place and show our recycling commitment to the world. Do we really need more buildings for more bureaucrats?

Gailen Smith



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