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Recyclable advertising

Dear Editor:Either we’ve made a step forward with the outer ad wraps on The Aspen Times and the real estate ad inserts, or we’ve reached a new low.On Wednesday the paper was tacoed by a slightly less-glossy automobile ad and center-filled with a “Raze ’em with No Remorse” real estate company ad of the same texture. But this time the wasteful-but-profitable adornments were stapled to the newspaper. These ads seemed to have a more newspapery texture with serrated edging, which makes us hopeful that this paper is recyclable. But a random survey is doubtful that this modified paper is recyclable either.If indeed these ads are not recyclable and they are stapled to the Times, this would make less trash around the news boxes but unintentionally make the entire newspaper nonrecyclable, because many people wouldn’t take the time to rip the glossy ads from the staples and the headache would be passed on to the recycling center. And who knows what would happen at that level.Wednesday morning, I tore the handbills out of their stapled anchors, balled them up and stuffed them back into the box as a continuing protest. Passing by the City Market news boxes this p.m., I saw that many other people had done the same. In fact, the boxes were filled with the balled rejects. A City Market employee said that the trash created by the inserts was a continuing problem they had to cleanup.And sadly, the Aspen Daily News went with a smaller-than-usual, full-thickness glossy ad for “Goats, Greed and Wall ’em” real estate company, which floated free after some groping around in the gut of the paper.Someone might step up to the plate here and tell us if it’s just more of the same or if this new Times paper is recyclable. If it’s recyclable, the conscious coalition might stand down.Tim CooneyAspen

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