Recreational hazards at Snowmass |

Recreational hazards at Snowmass

Dear Editor:

I just read the article on the opening of the new Elk Camp restaurant (“Skico to throw Elk Camp bash at Snowmass,” Dec. 20, The Aspen Times), and it reminded me to make a quick comment that might be in the skiers’ interest.

On Sunday, I took my daughter skiing, and we enthusiastically tried the new restaurant. I was impressed with almost everything: the food choices, the contemporary mountain architecture, even the outdoor fireplace next to the seating areas. While we were soaking up the sun on the patio, we saw a man get off the gondola, and while walking toward the slope, he slipped on the cement and fell head over heels, with skis and all.

He was obviously bruised and shaken up but got to his feet and went on his way. Five minutes later, a young man and his dad had the same fate. The boy was holding his arm as if it was broken, and I walked over to help them get up. Not knowing exactly what to do, I waited for the lift operator to take a break, and I approached with my concerns.

He told me that they had run out of rubber mats and that there was nothing they could do to remedy the situation. I asked him to at least mention to the other lift operators to announce the potential danger as people exited the lift. He thanked me for my concern but blew me off.

The last thing I said was, a $200 rubber mat was probably cheaper than a lawsuit. He walked away, obviously tired of my dialogue. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Curt Lyon