Record-setting Hot Springs swim by Glenwood man raises $2,600 for nurses |

Record-setting Hot Springs swim by Glenwood man raises $2,600 for nurses

Charlie Wertheim/Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Joe Wainwright at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

Joe Wainwright is the kind of guy who’s willing to go the extra mile.

He had a loose goal of 10 miles in his attempt to complete the longest continuous swim in the Glenwood Hot Springs on Thursday. 

But he ended up swimming 11 miles.

Not bad for a day’s work. Or, to be specific, about seven hours and 30 minutes.

His new record was not for personal glory. Instead, it was a fundraiser for the Valley View Nurse Residency Program.

He increased his modest $1,000 goal — after it was eclipsed on Monday — to $5,000. As of Friday afternoon he had raised more than half of that, $2,662.77, including two post-event donations. Donations are still being accepted at

Wainwright said that he could have kept going.

“It was much slower than I thought it was going to be, but I also felt like I had quite a bit left in the tank,” he said.

So maybe he’ll break his own record in the future?

“It would be nice to see someone else get in there, see if they can push themselves, see what they can do,” he said.

Although pools don’t have hills, his swim did have its ups and downs.

“My elbows were really killing me three or four hours into it,” he said. But, “Once I got to eight and a half, nine (miles), where I knew I could definitely get to 10, I hit a positive feeling,” he said.

It’s a feeling he gets when he’s pushing himself to the limit.

“You get to a point that you get past that big hump (and feel like) nothing can stop you. It’s a weird place to be,” he said.

Almost as weird as playing golf after such an exhausting performance.

“We went out, chipped and putted a little bit, then played a couple of holes,” Wainwright said.

After such a long day Wainwright deserved a good night’s sleep, but he wasn’t so lucky.

“My body was starting to feel it last night. I couldn’t get comfortable. I don’t remember ever getting like this. I think it’s age,” the 32-year-old said.

Wainwright is appreciative of all the Hot Springs staff did for him.

“The Hot Springs did an unbelievable job. Taylor, the interim pool manager, did a great job setting everything up,” he said.

And he didn’t do too badly himself.

“I gave it a pretty good run, I think,” Wainwright said.

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