Recognize fascism |

Recognize fascism

Dear Editor:I know Judith King and understand her to be an intelligent woman with as much desire for peace as the “leftist” activists she condemned in her letter (Letters to the editor, July 26), so I’m puzzled by her statement, “The Nazis could have been stopped before so terrible a price had to be paid to do so had Europe not been intent upon appeasement and America influenced by an anti-war movement …” Surely she knows that the burden of stopping Hitler fell squarely upon the German citizens from the beginning. The problem was they were too busy waving the flag, singing the national anthem and defending their government’s actions with statements like; “They’re making us safer … fighting terrorism … keeping us free.” By the time the rest of the world understood what was happening, it was too late. The patriotic right wing elitists had allowed Hitler to turn Germany from a democracy to a fascist state, right under their noses.Today, U.S. citizens have the burden of preventing the death of democracy in America as well as the spread of global instability caused by government misuse of the military to promote and safeguard the spread of corporate interests around the world. Currently, the US is far more of a threat to the safety and stability of the planet than the relatively puny fragmented Fundamentalist Islamist movement.We should learn to recognize the signs of fascism and exercise our constitutional right to protest our government’s illegal actions and disastrous policies before it’s too late. We must speak out now while we still can despite those who label us anti-American leftist ideologues. Remember, just as in pre-WWII Germany, it is those who wave the flag of freedom and denounce the peace activists who are the true apologists and enablers of terrorism.Sue GrayCarbondale

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