Recall Truden, write in McCrory |

Recall Truden, write in McCrory

Dear Editor:I have been reading about our pathetic district attorney for almost a year now. We are now faced with a recall election and I will vote to recall her. I will also vote for a person with honesty and experience. Chip McCrory is a native Coloradan who worked in the Jefferson County district attorney’s office before coming to the 9th Judicial District in 1985. He worked his way up to assistant district attorney, which is second in command, leaving the district attorney’s office in 1997 to go into private practice specializing in criminal law. Mr. McCrory has experience in prosecuting first-degree murder and sexual assault cases. We need this kind of honesty and experience.I have looked at Mr. Beeson’s background and he does not possess the kind of experience needed to lead the district attorney’s office. We elected a person with no experience and look what it got us.Please vote to recall Colleen Truden and write in Chip McCrory.Thank you Pitkin County commissioners for exposing some more of “Truthless” Truden’s lies and withholding her funding. I wonder if Garfield County commissioners have the same intestinal fortitude.Lindsey DollahonSnowmass Village

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