Recall not affecting Silt’s council |

Recall not affecting Silt’s council

Heidi RiceGarfield County correspondentAspen, CO Colorado

SILT – Despite an impending petition initiated by Silt Mayor Pro Tem Tod Tibbetts to recall Mayor Dave Moore, both men say they can still work together on the Silt Town Board in the meantime.Tibbetts sits one vacant seat away from Moore at the table – a vacancy left by former Trustee Doug Wil-liams, who resigned last month, citing “personal reasons.” A recall petition also had been taken out for Williams but was dismissed after his resignation.”I don’t see [the recall petition for Moore] affecting the board process at all,” Tibbetts said. “I don’t see where it impacts at the board level or even at the staff level. I don’t think it’s disruptive at all. This is not about Tod Tibbetts versus Dave Moore – this is about the mayor. It’s not against Dave Moore as an individual.”The reasons for seeking the recall have been alleged violations by Moore of town ordinances, state statutes and codes of conduct.Tibbetts said his recall committee has so far collected 50 signatures on the petition, which needs to be turned in by Sept. 14 with a minimum of 111 signatures by registered voters in the town, reflecting 25 percent of the number of votes Moore received in his election as mayor. The town clerk then has 15 days to verify the signatures and, if approved, the board has 60 to 90 days to set a recall election date.Moore has said he is confident he will prevail should an election be held and he also doesn’t see any problems in working with Tibbetts until the issue is resolved. He says the most he is guilty of may be some procedural infractions, but nothing that would warrant a recall.The town board will meet Monday evening for the first time since Moore has been aware a recall petition was filed.”At the last meeting [July 23], I didn’t know about it,” Moore said. “But number one, I haven’t been recalled as mayor. And I’m comfortable around Tod. My first obligation is to the people of the town of Silt. There may be certain things [Tibbetts and I] vote differently on, but that’s not unusual. And that’s the reason democracy works so well.”At one time, Moore had thoughts about a possible run for Garfield County commissioner, but now says the whole recall issue has made him think twice about running in the November 2008 election.”I realize the negative implications this can bring and it’s giving me second thoughts about running,” he said.As far as the rest of the Town Board, trustee Meredith Robinson calls the whole recall situation “unfortunate” for the town and says she thinks it will make things tougher on the board as well as town staff who have seen several vacancies in the past six months.”I think it’s unfortunate we have to go through this,” she said. “I think that unless it’s a prosecutable offense [against the mayor], it shouldn’t go forward. If Tod wanted to be mayor, he should’ve run for it when he had a chance. Whether this recall fails or succeeds, it’s going to be more difficult. But it hasn’t been very amicable at this point, anyway. This is going to cost the citizens $1,000 to $2,000, which is not horrible, but it’s just money that doesn’t need to be spent.”The mayor’s position in the town of Silt is an elected one and the mayor pro tem is appointed by board members.The town held a controversial recall election in 1998, when the Committee of Concerned Citizens for Ethical Government – in which Moore was heavily involved – successfully removed three members of the Silt Town Board after the police chief and town administrator’s contracts were not renewed.The next board meeting of the town of Silt is at 7 p.m. Monday at Silt Town Hall, 231 N. Seventh Street.