Recall District Attorney Truden on Dec. 13 |

Recall District Attorney Truden on Dec. 13

It’s unfortunate that it has come to this for residents living in the 9th Judicial District.On Tuesday, voters in the three counties in the district – Pitkin, Garfield and Rio Blanco – will go to the polls and decide whether Colleen Truden should continue as their district attorney.Although she has been in office for only 11 months, Truden has given her constituents ample justification to remove her.First is her trouble with the truth.She paid her husband $6,000 for computer work and then misled the Pitkin County commissioners when they asked about it. Experienced employees who resigned from her office were shown the door as soon as they gave notice. And then she lied about it.Another reason to oust Truden is her outright refusal to take responsibility for any of the trouble that has plagued her administration. She has consistently blamed Tuesday’s recall on a few disgruntled ex-employees and bad publicity in the Aspen press. Her failure to confront the allegations is evasive and insulting to her constituents.First, regardless of who made the accusations, they’ve been verified and substantiated through open-records requests and first-hand accounts. Truden should have addressed them – even an admission to having “made mistakes” would have gone a long way – but she merely blamed others, again and again.Truden’s script is stale and hollow.Pointing fingers at one’s critics is a classic tactic politicians use to change the subject. Sometimes it’s effective, but not this time.Truden has angered county commissioners in liberal Pitkin County and conservative Garfield County. Many Democrats helped organize this recall effort, but Truden’s challengers are both Republicans; she has alienated people of all political persuasions. Eleven people, including seven prosecutors, have resigned from her office. One of them has accused Truden of playing politics with justice by offering better plea deals to “friendly” defense attorneys than to those who have criticized her.Despite months of discussion and countless opportunities to explain herself or come clean, Colleen Truden continues to offer the same empty defense.She just doesn’t get it. She needs to go.As for who should replace Truden, Martin Beeson’s name appears on the ballot, but Chip McCrory is also running as a write-in candidate. We believe either candidate would make a better district attorney than Truden. Beeson, though fairly new to the valley, distinguished himself by gathering signatures and making the ballot. McCrory didn’t gather enough signatures, but he’s experienced and well-respected in the valley.Vote yes to oust District Attorney Colleen Truden. And either vote for Martin Beeson or write in Chip McCrory’s name in the blank provided.

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