Rec center just adds to tax burden |

Rec center just adds to tax burden

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the opportunity to again air the voice of the taxpayer.

Since my two previous opposition letters I have received more comments by email and by phone.

How can the decision-makers even think of going forward with a recreation center when schools are cutting back, when people are upside down in their houses and people are leaving the valley seeking employment elsewhere?

When this plan was thought of it was in a time of prosperity in the land. Much has changed and this project that was called a dream of the community will now be a nightmare for many.

Taxpayers are already stressed – tell us where anyone is going to get the extra approximately $200 per year (based on a $500,000 home evaluation) as stated in the initial Crown Mountain projections. Add to that the need to improve the intersection – also at the cost of taxpayers. And whatever else will be forthcoming.

Land-use items engaging the mid-valley’s Latino community was mentioned as part of the meeting discussion. How about mid-valley’s working-to-make-ends-meet community? How about mid-valley’s senior fixed-income community? How about mid-valley’s cannot-afford-these-extra-tax-burdens community?

And the poor guy at the meeting who has to drive his kids to recreation or take a bus – what nerve does it take for him to ask me and others to pay so he does not have to drive or take a bus?

Do you all know that Eagle County took away senior tax exemptions because of lack of funds?

I urge you all to vote no. I urge you to write letters, to make phone calls.

I urge you to enjoy the blessings we have all around us that don’t make other people pay for your enjoyment.

How about using the schools for sports activities and pay the schools for the extra time there?

Please, please, please do not go forward with his massive money-draining, tax-increasing project.

Sue Driggers


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