Reasons for opposing Karl Rove’s plan |

Reasons for opposing Karl Rove’s plan

Tony Hershey wonders why Pitkin County would expend resources opposing Karl Rove’s plan to protect Western Slope Republicans from contested elections.

While I am grateful to Tony for counting down the remaining days in my term of office (six elections, even winning elections, has been more than enough fun, thank you), there are still some things he gets not at all.

Pitkin County asked the Court to overturn the Karl Rove plan for some simple, nonpartisan reasons, not just because Karl Rove is a power-hungry maniac who was a major factor in stealing the last presidential election and who designed “push polls” to discredit John McCain in South Carolina. There are books on this subject, e.g. “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” by Al Franken. I would be happy to lend Mr. Hershey a copy, but that’s not the point of this letter.

The actual reasons for opposing Mr. Rove’s plan:

First, we belong in a Western Slope district with Western Slope counties with similar interests. We believe having a competitive district keeps congressmen (and other electeds) on their toes. We may not always agree with Scott McInnis, but we do respect the fact that he listens to us for no other reason than the prospect of running for re-election and being accused of not listening.

Mr. Hershey, I think that came up in May. Can you hear us now?

Second, Colorado (and Pitkin County) benefit from competitive elections in other districts. Congressman Udall is a great congressman, in part because he has learned to address the concerns of liberals and conservatives in his competitive district.

Bob Beauprez might yet become a solid representative if he were threatened with competition, rather than having a Karl Rovian sinecure carved out for him by excluding Hispanics, moderates and Democrats.

Finally, local resident Gail Schwartz won election to the 3rd District seat on the CU Board of Regents. The redistricting leaves our Western Slope district without a representative and forces her to run (if she chooses) against a Front Range incumbent for another term. Gail’s doing a great job ” why should we lose our local voice on that state board simply to satisfy the Republican lust for power?

I oppose gerrymandering of this nature by any party. It is more important that the voters choose their representatives than that the representatives choose their voters.

Counting up: Day 3,681, thank you voters for selecting me.

Mick Ireland


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