Really Torre? Plastic bottles? |

Really Torre? Plastic bottles?

Dear Editor:

Good job City Council via Torre’s experience and guidance! It is about time someone brought this issue to the forefront of debate.

All those bottles Torre (really, one name?) saw in the ocean are clogging the blow holes of whales, littering the pristine beaches, and god knows how much oil/petroleum products are used for such non-essential items. Torre … I was also on the beach. Maybe my long, flowing hair was not blowing in the wind in a Fabioesque style. But, I saw glass, tampons, and believe it or not, products made of wood. I suggest that we use only “rice based” bags and containers.

We should place a tax … say 5 percent on anyone who violates this “measure.” This tax will go strictly towards your raise. Forget the debate over the “S curves.” Forget schooling (we have plenty of teachers, right?). You guys are idiots. And, if I see you with a bottled water, there will be a pic.


Aaron Anderson


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