Realizing the vision |

Realizing the vision

Dear Editor:

A few years back, a vision of a more sustainable future was the force behind creating a local business. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that vision had less to do with a financial venture than it would in building a belief in community and exponential support in a common goal had by many.

In order to make a dream a reality, one needs to believe in the extraordinary. The people in this community and beyond have helped me to nurture that vision, and our collective belief in the extraordinary is what I call, today, Eco-Goddess, a business for a more sustainable future.

I would like to express my abundant gratitude toward the people in my life, along with the staff, and the people in this community (both known and unknown to me) who have helped to build and sustain this business out of the passion for a better future. Through their unwavering belief in a shared vision, along with an abundance of support and love and lots of hard work, this business is growing into its role as a step toward a more sustainable and local future for Carbondale.

With indescribable thanks to all those with this shared vision who are still making this happen …

Lisa Ruoff

Eco-Goddess, Carbondale