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Reality check

Dear Editor:

Listening to a stay-in-school speech by the president is not a make-or-break proposition for getting an education. However, it is amazing how the school leadership is exposed for either being easily persuaded by radicals or they themselves share this same ideology.

So, are we to believe our children’s education does not involve these day-to-day ideas on varying opinions? Are parents supposed to be neutral in all their discussions in front of their children? Perhaps our school leadership should grow up and face reality themselves. The speech aside, I acknowledge that a black president in itself sends a message to our school children. It says that our country does believe that all men are created equal and we are striving to assure equal opportunity in this great nation. We are definitely not there yet but we are on our way.

I often wonder when our nation is going to fully awaken to the reality of it all. It amazes me that Republicans who have evolved into a party that basically represents big money and big business have managed to organize a support base of the poorest and less educated among us. Well, I guess that says it all, doesn’t it?

Jim Childers

New Castle

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