Realities of Burlingame |

Realities of Burlingame

Dear Editor:I am disappointed in the letters I have read opposing Burlingame. People continue to reiterate potentially negative aspects of the Burlingame project that are fundamentally and factually incorrect.There will not be a need to expand our school. If and when our Aspen-based student population exceeds current capacity, downvalley students will no longer be eligible to attend Aspen district schools.Employee housing is considerably different and certainly more desirable than renting. The benefits vastly outweigh the minimal returns imposed by the cap. Mortgage payments are tax deductible. Monthly payments are (typically) returned at the point of resale. It is not free market. It is not a for-profit opportunity. Rather, it is designed to avail people the opportunity to live and own with dignity near the community they work in and support.There are concerns about people driving. People already drive. If anything, this is an opportunity for people to take advantage of relatively close proximity to Aspen with infinitely more transportation choices: biking, walking, mass transit. These are real alternatives and disincentives to the expense of driving, if it is not necessary to their daily routine.Our economy and our community need Burlingame. We need the infrastructure of a mixed, local residential base. Workers from all strata of our society: teachers, nurses, physicians, lawyers, ski instructors, ski tuners, bartenders, managers, even reporters and politicians. We can no longer hope to acquire and retain desirable and qualified citizens without the hope of affordable, local home ownership and community.Our business will flourish as a larger local base will likely support more local Aspen businesses on a year-round basis. I am not so delusional as to envision scrub nurses working in Gucci and sporting Vuitton backpacks, but as the need increases with more year-round residents, more businesses will adapt to accommodate their needs, and thus themselves grow stronger.I urge you to vote for Burlingame.Andy ModellSnowmass Village

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