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Real leadership

Dear Editor:The RFTA board’s rejection of a $900,000 offer to purchase the aging rail tracks and ties between Glenwood and Woody Creek corridor (Aspen Times, July 9) should make all area voters proud of their leadership. Indeed, Mayor Klanderud has a rare quality to be able to recognize the inherent “visual recognition” value of ancient rails and ties. Likewise, Mordkin’s observation about “perception” is equally insightful and his loyalty to “rail enthusiasts” brings back old memories of the golden age of railroads. I was also enlightened by Steve Smith’s comment that not only are the rails a “visual clue” but leaving them will protect the corridor from adjacent landowners and God forbid, the public. I had no idea a land grab was still a legitimate threat to RFTA. Lastly, Dan Richardson’s ability to see into the future and state, “I am confident that some day there will be rail” gives one hope and confidence in the leadership.How silly for Mr. Evans to suggest RFTA take the $900,000 and make a practical purchase of buses or perhaps shore up RFTA’s dwindling budget. Who would ever want to do something like that? Only someone interested in practical and intelligent governance instead of leadership by “perception, visual recognition and visual clues.” Besides, you would still have the cost of erecting a series of “visual clues” i.e. signs that say: Coming Some Day – Rail Service. Just think, “some day” we might get the opportunity to pay a contractor $900,000 to remove the ancient and unusable rails and ties when they have been deemed worthless and hazardous. This will certainly be an incentive for other counties to join RFTA. This is real leadership. J. David FrantzSnowmass Village

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