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Real food for a change

Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank all of the incredible people who participated in the Aspen Tree Community Dinner last week and opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of Real Food. Eden and River, you are amazing! It is not often I am totally blown away by the actions of people but the Community Dinner did just that.

With more than 350 community members in attendance, with delicious local foods donated by local growers and members of this valley, the dinner was a huge success. As I sat having dinner with my good friend, my mind was awhirl with possibilities of what can be created on a global level by seeing what is possible from our phenomenal valley.

As I sat in joy witnessing this incredible phenomena I wondered how the kids in all schools around the country could benefit from eating local, organic, real food everyday instead of the processed junk that most are fed on a daily basis. I also thought about the incredible opportunity at schools to educate the kids on how to be close to and grow their own food sources and the importance of being connected with and caring for the land. And what if our entire country returned to a state of local organic farming to feed their communities, rather than trucking things thousands of miles and wasting too many natural resources to mention.

We have the opportunity to create a model for global sustainability in our sacred valley. We have the ability to produce our own food, keep it local and keep our families healthy. It is vital to create a working model of what is possible for the world right here where we live. It is a gift to have so many talented, experienced sustainability geniuses who live among us. It is time to get involved in creating a healthy, organic future for ourselves.

Visit, and to find out how you can be part of a healthier, more natural, more respectful way of eating and growing Real Food.

As a longtime natural health advocate, what I see happening to our food sources on a global level is horrifying. Nutrient-rich food is one of the most simple, inexpensive and successful ways to heal the body and keep it healthy and balanced. Perhaps our nationwide health debate should be more focused on the growing of non-GMO or chemically seeded acres, rather than on how to pay higher health care premiums. If you want to truly heal the people and end the health care crisis why not try Real Food for a Change.

Alecia Evans


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