Real estate Frankenstein |

Real estate Frankenstein

In your letter in the Sunday paper, Mick, you signed yourself Pitkin County commissioner. Yet, from the apparent content of the letter and your recent actions, you seem mostly interested in spending county funds to build highways and infrastructure for Garfield and Eagle county residents.

Perhaps you ought to run for state office so the people who elected you would be the same as the ones you represent.

Aren’t you afraid that when you go to the taxpayers in November, saying you spent all the money and you need more, they will realize that this billion-dollar real estate Frankenstein you keep boasting about having created obviously isn’t paying for itself?

Who knows, perhaps I’m the only one left in the county who thinks wrecking the resort economy, despoiling the environment and bankrupting the local government to enrich developers and speculators is a stupid and shortsighted thing to do.

Richard Gordon


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