Real estate ad blitz is overkill |

Real estate ad blitz is overkill

Dear Editor:It’s always nice to get a dose of news (which the paper was actually full of [Wednesday]) along with the usual overdose of real estate ads that make up probably the largest amount of “content” in the paper anymore.This is no fault of yours – newspapers are expensive to produce and need lots of advertising dollars, especially free papers. And we can’t fault real estate companies/agents too much for making their services/properties known to the general public, who have a genuine demand for those services. We all know and love certain agents up and down the valley (there are probably almost as many of them as waiters or bartenders, and even more of them than fishing guides …).In fact, my day is never complete until I see at least three pictures a day (six if you count both free Aspen papers) of a certain free-market high-end real estate specialist straddling a horse, just in case I forgot what she looks like. In today’s paper I counted 28 real estate ads in as many pages of the main paper (not counting the classified section), and 44 pictures of various agents (some of whom I know fairly well), reminding me, once again, like a rogues’ gallery, just who they are, what they look like, and how I will probably never afford or want to buy a place here (unless I strike it rich and become a part of their “demographic,” which usually isn’t someone from here).I know it’s their job, and if they didn’t do it someone else would (the justification for everything in a free-market society), but isn’t their ad blitz crossing the line into overkill? I could go along with it more if this was about putting a roof over the heads of people who need it, but it’s usually not. Instead, it keeps raising the question, “Will you sell this place until you kill it?”It would be nice, if just for one day, I wasn’t reminded that to own real estate here is just like becoming a member of an exclusive private club (or basically a pyramid scheme in which the goal is to always cash out with more than you put in). Then I could believe that this place (along with this country) has something more than just a dollar sign for a soul, and that a house is simply a place where you can hang your head and call home.David JohnsonCarbondale

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