Ready to rock? |

Ready to rock?

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Aspen’s new incoming council – Mayor Klanderud, Jack Johnson, Torre, Rachel Richards and J.E. DeVilbiss. Thank you to outgoing “Dr. No” Terry Paulson and “Dr. Yes” Tim Semrau. A lot of hard work has been accomplished over the last four years, yet, much needs to be done. One of the things the prior council worked on was to increase the pedestrian vitality within downtown Aspen by approving lots of developments designed to increase the vitality in the community. The prior council had their meetings full of development public hearings and ran out of time to sort things out like: the roundabout/S-curves traffic congestion; Buttermilk wormhole; visitor center locations; recycling program and locations; repair and possible expansion of the roof for the Rio Grande parking garage; safety measures for skateboarders cranking out of control across Rio Grande Place next to the new Obermeyer project after riding down the path next to the courthouse on Galena Street; recommendations on Civic Master Plan issues; Rio Grande Master Plan; how to increase revenues at the Aspen Recreation Center; defining the Historic Preservation Guidelines and criteria for approving projects based on “community character” and “neighborhood character”; location for fire protection equipment/firehouse; and a Theatre in the Park site.The fun part of government is making decisions. Now It’s time to start “rocking” with transportation solutions for cars, pedestrians and cyclists before the new Obermeyer Place, The Residences at Little Nell, Grand Aspen Hyatt, Aspen Institute, ChartHouse, Lift 1A, Dancing Bear Lodge, redeveloped Limelite and Snowmass Base Village open their new doors for business. Aspen and Snowmass communities are indeed growing as quickly as rabbits multiply, especially with lots of affordable housing, trails and open space being approved. I, for one, echo Scott Writer’s frequent letters to the editor about a four-mountain aerial system originating at Buttermilk. I support the ski company’s “Power of Four” marketing campaign and would love to see a future community campaign directed at “Connecting the Four.” Anyone from the new Aspen City Council ready to “rock” to see if there is community support for connecting the four mountains? Or should we just do a “referendum rabbit”?Respectfully submitted, Toni KronbergAspen