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Ready for some real facts?

What was the point of Paul Andersen’s March 1, 2004, column entitled Ready For The Quiet Years? Was he attempting to state his side of an honest debate on global warming, or did some commie fag buddy of his challenge him to come up with at Ieast 10 adjectives to describe people politically to his right.

As with most columns written by Mr. Andersen, he was short on relevant facts. Maybe he figures The Aspen Times doesn’t pay him enough to actually research his work. More likely, however, is that Mr. Andersen subscribes to that brand of liberalism that is a kind of religion wherein beliefs and form always trump facts and function. As a self-appointed mystic of the far left, Mr. Andersen doesn’t need to posit inconvenient facts in any of his diatribes. Rather, constant repetition of a particular mantra is enough to rile-up the faithful.

Well, following are some global climate change facts:

– In the year 29,400 b.c.b (before Crested Butte) a great Ice Age began that lasted 7,500 years. Tens of thousands of glaciers were formed during this period, which reduced ocean levels by over 300 feet. How does Mr. Andersen explain the subsequent warming trend that melted the glaciers, returning water to the oceans?

– Three hundred years ago, the planet started to emerge from a period known as the Little Ice Age.

– Thirty years ago, climatologists were actually warning of an impending New Ice Age.

– It is commonly believed that global atmospheric temperatures have risen by 0.5 degrees Celsius over the past 100 years, with the majority of that warming having taken place from 1900 to 1940.

– Carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas in question; you know, the stuff we exhale) has increased in atmospheric concentration over the last 100 years from 0,00028 percent to 0.00036 percent. Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT, predicts a doubling of carbon dioxide levels (to 0.00072 percent) would increase atmospheric temperatures by one degree Celsius.

– The Western Antarctica Ice fields are adding 26 billion tons of ice per year (Science Journal).

– Nature magazine claims Antarctic temperatures have dropped 0.7 degree Celsius over the past 20 years.

– Of the 160 billion tons of carbon dioxide dumped into the atmosphere annually, only seven billion tons (4.4 percent) are anthropogenic (human caused).

So, what is the global warming debate all about? Money. The Kyoto Accord on Global Climate Change would cause a 50-cent to one-dollar increase in the cost of a gallon of gas (according to the American Enterprise Institute), putting America an a more equal footing with our socialist trading partners in Europe. The estimated cost to our economy ” 100 billion annually. Estimated fines (read wealth distribution) of an additional $100 billion annually would be levied against the U.S. for failure to meet emissions standards. Seventeen-thousand American scientists have signed a petition denouncing the Kyoto Accord. The science associated with this problem that might not exist, and that is probably not the result of human activity, is not mature enough to support an annual cost to our economy of $200 billion.

When Mr. Andersen and his crowd can accurately predict the weather 30 days out, I might start to listen to their dire climate warnings predicted to impact us 1,200 months from now. Until then, he should probably continue teaching his son the finer points of growing hippie lettuce and forget the orange tree farm.

Russ Andrews



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