Ready for round 2

Dear Editor:

Now that the primary is over, I wish to say what a positive, heartwarming experience it is to run for office in this county. It continues to make me thankful when I remember what brought me here and why I continue to live here. It humbles me to think of the great tradition each of us participates in when we vote. The issues are important but the people behind the issues are more so.

I wish to thank all those who advised me, worked hard (very, very hard) on my behalf, contributed to my campaign, wrote letters on my behalf, knocked on doors, made phone calls and voted – whether for me or for someone else. As for me, I look forward to learning more about what all the citizens of this county are interested in as we head into the general election. I expect a spirited discussion about our direction and future.

I wish those continuing to November all the best and thank all of those who participated thus far.

Jack Johnson