Ready for reparation |

Ready for reparation

I thought I’d sneak one under the wire while waiting to hear if our Todd is the real McCoy. The subject is reparation for slavery in the past, and it was brought before me in a recent letter by Ramon Duvernay, who I’m positive writes under his real name.

At first I was ready to attack this idea in a very spirited fashion, but all of a sudden the light of reason and my ingrained sense of pragmatism intervened (sorry about the big words, Jolene).

I’ve had a strong feeling all along that I’m actually 1/64th Swahili, and I understand that more than a few of them traversed the bounding main in manacles en route to the cotton fields of Dixie. Early on in my family tree there appeared to be a number of bastards. In the woodpile and who knows, this reparation concept could actually be one helluva idea.

I want mine, Jack. In large denomination American dollar bills. I’d like to have a good old Missouri mule as well, but have no need for 40 acres of land at this time.

Pete Luhn


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