Ready for a new library |

Ready for a new library

When I first moved to Basalt with my family, we were so delighted it had a library. Remember that ramshackle place? Remember Annette? We used and loved that library and we have used and loved all of its incarnations since then.The Basalt Regional Library in the building next to Town Hall in Basalt has served us well. It has been run so soundly on so little for so long by such a devoted staff and dedicated board members that I’ve come to take it for granted. Hard to imagine it in a different place or building.Like all things funded by my tax dollars and yours, it exists only BECAUSE of us. It exists only FOR us. It should exist for ALL OF US, whether we live in the chic and trendy old part of Basalt, where we have the good fortune to be able to walk to the library and to the Town Hall to vote, or whether we live anywhere else in this large library district. The library board has never lost sight of this.The library expansion has been discussed, studied and endlessly debated for years now. I can’t think of a single idea that hasn’t been aired and considered over and over. I owe everyone (and there are a lot of you) involved a big Thank You! Nothing in this process came easy. You worked incredibly hard and reconciled many different opinions. You created an exciting proposal! Now it is up to us, the voters, to do our share.I love my library. I can hardly wait for the new one. I plan to vote YES on 4B & 4C.Anna M. NaeserBasalt

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