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Ready, fire, aim

Dear Editor:

I need some help that I am sure can be provided by local National Rifle Association members. I want to join a militia and purchase the appropriate firearms needed to be an effective member of the militia. Firearms appear to be no problem. There are even ads in this newspaper for what I perceive to be the proper weapons. But I’m getting nowhere on finding a militia.

I thought first that this would be something organized at the state level because of the wording of the Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State …” But no one in Colorado’s state government thought that a state militia exists. So now I am asking for help.

I really need to join a militia so that I can receive the proper training to fight the despots that will try to take away our freedoms. I’ve had a small amount of training in ROTC, but that was mainly how to march and take care of a uniform. I’m familiar with guns having been an avid hunter when young and having learned to field break down a Garand in the aforementioned ROTC. But all of this seems woefully inadequate to meet today’s challenges presented by modern weapons.

I know that I am quite old for strenuous combat, but I can be useful. When the younger and more fit in our militia are doing the hard work of combating the tanks, thwarting the F1 fighters, bringing down the Blackhawk helicopters and enduring the barrage of cruise missiles, we older members can keep supply routes open, prevent the retaking of gained ground and fill occasional gaps in our lines. If the British try to retake the colonies, we shall stop them. If the federal government tries to take away our freedoms, we shall stop them.

I just need to know how to join a militia. I’m sure there are other patriots like me who want to join, so please send a letter to this newspaper to help us do that.

Gerry Terwilliger


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