Ready, fire, aim |

Ready, fire, aim

Dear Editor:

Here we go again. After U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made a fool of himself by denouncing Arizona’s immigration law while admitting he hadn’t read it, up pops Janet Napolitano, the utterly incompetent secretary of Homeland Security.

Yes, Janet, the very same who admonished the Canadians because, she said, 9/11 terrorists came from Canada. She also recently said our southern border is “more secure than it has ever been,” never mind that more than a million illegal aliens, from all over the world, successfully crash the border annually. Now she says, in the same mouthful, that she too has not bothered to read Arizona immigration law, but, she added, she wouldn’t have signed it into law were she currently the governor of Arizona. Huh!

Meanwhile, in discussion with representatives of totalitarian China, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael Posner obsequiously likened Arizona’s immigration law with China’s long, murderous suppression of human rights.

Apparently wanting to be grouped with the infamous, the spokeshole for the U.S. State Department, P. J. Crowley, has become the latest government official to admit that he’s criticizing Arizona’s law without having bothered to read it.

The ready-fire-aim, guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality of these smug corrupters of the U.S. Constitution is outrageous.

Now we have the head of the Mexican oligarchy, Felipe Calderon, the president of the failed narcocracy of Mexico, the most corrupt nation in the Western Hemisphere, being hosted by President Obama in the White House. Felipe and Barack seemed to be engaged in a contest of dishonesty of who can most bash We the People – who polls show are overwhelming on Arizona’s side – and who could most aggressively attack our otherwise cherished concept of national sovereignty, all to standing applause of the open-borders members of the U.S. Congress. Ready-fire-aim.

Mike McGarry