Readers deserve apology |

Readers deserve apology

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

We were shocked by an offensive and bigoted cartoon in The Aspen Times, March 23 edition, showing Sheik Ahmed Yassin being crucified with missiles bearing the Star of David. One can legitimately debate the wisdom of Israel’s policy of targeting terrorist leaders without resorting to a depiction that is both anti-Semitic and deeply offensive to Christians.

It’s appalling that you would compare Sheik Yassin with Jesus. Jesus spoke of peace and “turning the other cheek”; Yassin was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians, including children, whose only “sin” was being Jewish.

Jesus taught moral lessons to children; Yassin helped create a society that engages in and glorifies child sacrifice via suicide bombings.

It’s astonishing that you would play on images that blame Jews for the crucifixion of Christ. Only bigots attempt to revive the old and rejected storyline that your cartoon reflects.

You portrayed Yassin in an irresponsible manner. His organization, Hamas, distorts religion to promote hatred and carnage of the basest kind and for good reason is classified as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. You owe your readers an apology.

Gale Kahn

area director

American Jewish Committee