Read well "and on the go " with the ‘IBBL’ |

Read well "and on the go " with the ‘IBBL’

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OK, so I’m a bit of a bookworm ” I read a lot. One big reason for this is that I often take the bus to work and back home to Carbondale, and thus have time to read instead of nervously watching the highway lanes around me and waiting for someone to react badly, fall asleep or any number of other potentially fatal driving errors.

Reading on the bus may seem rude and inconsiderate to some, particularly chatty folk eager to talk to someone (anyone) after a day stuck in a boring office job.

But I like to read with every spare moment, and I consider the bus ride one really long spare moment. Unfortunately, much of it is in the dark, at least during the winter months, which is when I happen to ride the bus more than in any other season because I can’t ride my motorcycle in the snow.

And, since not all seats on the buses are equipped with working reading lamps shining down from above, I managed to whine enough about it that my spousal unit bought me an Itty Bitty Book Light to shut me up.

There are several versions of this tiny, easy-to-use light, which has a clip that slips over the back jacket of any book and holds the device in place.

The one I’m using is the “Itty Bitty Book Light ” LED edition,” which features two little LED crystals that provide the illumination. It turns on by extending the lamp head on its slender neck from the main body of the device ” no switches to break or malfunction. The lamp head tilts to shine the light most directly on the page, and it’s easy to shift the clip from the front cover to the back as your eyes finish one page and move to the next.

The beam from the LED bulb is fairly narrow, allowing the reader to do his or her thing without bothering the passenger in the next seat, who in all likelihood is comatose anyway, but it’s nice to be considerate.

I should point out that the IBBL, which lists for $26.85 on but also is available either new or used starting at $18, was put out by the Zelco family business, founded by Noel and Adele Zeller in 1976 and now a multinational concern.

I should also point out that I am now putting the light to its first real test, as I plow through that noble tome titled “Moby Dick,” nearly 500 pages of dense prose by Herman Melville. If the light makes it through this one, I think I’ll tackle “War and Peace” next.

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