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Read the question

Dear Editor:

I am proud to have been a part of the Aspen community since 1974. My wife, who is the president of the Aspen Art Museum board, and I enjoy everything that our valley has to offer and are thrilled to have such an amazing museum.

Ballot Question 1 is a very important question being asked of Aspen’s voters, and at the same time it is a very simple question: Should City Council be allowed to negotiate with the Aspen Art Museum for the possible sale of the former Youth Center site?

What confuses me are the comments against this step forward for the museum’s project. It is not about what size the building might be. It is not a mandate for the city to sell. It is simply a step in an ongoing process for both the city and the museum ” a process that will have plenty of time and a lot of additional conversations in public sessions. Even more confusing is that people are objecting so strenuously when this project would be funded with no tax dollars being spent. What can it hurt to move forward with this one step?

I urge everyone to stick with the facts as to what this question is about and to vote yes on 1 on May 5.

Bob Magoon