Re-elect Mick for his strengths |

Re-elect Mick for his strengths

Dear Editor:

I’ve listened to all four candidates for mayor through two debates. I’m for change, but it must come from new and better ideas.

I listened for ideas. I also listened for indications of character and values.

Only two candidates had anything new to say.

Ms. Marks, although denigrating the current administration, brings little in terms of new ideas. She says she would build consensus; but her “fame” in the few years she has graced our community has been as a “Monday Morning Quarterback” with a venomous mien. Granted, she usefully called attention to the knee-jerk preservation of buildings based solely on age. But her specious, venomous personal attack launched against Ireland’s niece is probably a more accurate indicator of her character.

So that leaves Mayor Ireland. Granted, not the city’s most lovable citizen. Rarely willing to admit errors. Why vote for him? Because he’s very smart. Committed to public service. But most importantly, he has good ideas, values and a compelling vision.

Yes, BMC’s price was too high; on the other hand, were it not for Ireland, the giant Lift One redevelopment would have sailed through though it was still far too tall and too massive for Aspen. Thanks to Ireland’s efforts, and not those of the COWOP, the developers are finally starting to understand this.

Ireland describes the downside in Aspen’s image of “exclusiveness.” He’s right. His concept of marketing Aspen as surprisingly within reach for a vacation by bundling our value offers ” some of which are free ” is a Big Idea. It is particularly appropriate in today’s economy, despite the naive comments of Skico’s Dave Perry.

It addresses a major barrier to visiting Aspen. It would have rapid impact on immediate behavior, as well as a potentially sustained effect in a world where values are undergoing profound change.

Some would say “throw Ireland under the bus” for his flaws. Nonsense. We should re-elect him for his strengths.

Alex Biel


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