Re-elect Boineau |

Re-elect Boineau

Dear Editor:We are writing to urge citizens to re-elect Bill Boineau for Snowmass Town Council. There’s not a politician alive who pleases 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time, and in our little town it’s no different. Life is a mixture of give and take, and we need leaders who are willing to do just that.Decisions with narrow, short-term solutions are not always the best. We want our elected officials to listen to all sides of the issues and make decisions with the long-term welfare of the community in mind. Bill Boineau is just that man. He sees the big picture and represents our community on each issue without a personal agenda, without pre-determined solutions. He hears all sides, and then rationally and thoughtfully makes decisions based on what he believes is best for the long term vitality of Snowmass Village.Leaders without an agenda, who see the big picture, who can’t be pigeon-holed to always think and react a certain way, are precious and rare. It’s the kind of person we need in Snowmass. Re-elect Bill Boineau.Suzy and Andy KarlinskiSnowmass Village

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