RE-1 needs leadership |

RE-1 needs leadership

Dear Editor:Enough! Re-1’s greatest accomplishment has been to divide friends and communities. Haven’t we all had enough of it? While Colorado is 49th in the nation for spending on education, No Child Left Behind is forcing teachers to teach a test, and the poverty level for children is growing, our district has kept us bound in fractured battles. It’s time to end the battles and come together in a common goal to express the qualities we want from a new superintendent.We need to establish an innovative leadership that recognizes critical issues in each of our communities and enacts solutions quickly. We need fairness. We need to be listened to. This is our opportunity to ask our school board (Bruce Wampler, Sue Hakanson, Bob Johnson, Michael Bair and Brad Zeigel) for a nationwide search so that we hire the best possible candidate, for community involvement, and for a truly new direction of positive and open attitudes. It is time to end the status quo that has mired us in conflict.Be proactive! Tell the school board members what you expect in a new district leader and the type of selection process you believe is fair. The quality of education our children will see in the future depends on it!Denise MossCarbondale

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