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Raving lunatic? You do the research

If piercing through lies to reveal truth is considered insane and having compassion for the people of the planet is nuts, then I’m a raving lunatic. People who doubt my facts should do some research of their own. Please! Don’t take my word for it! Spending two weeks in Iraq doesn’t qualify me as an expert on Saddam Hussein, and I am no apologist for his regime. I simply invite people to consider that the demonization of the Iraqi president is just a cover for the current administration’s true motivations for an attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq. Call me crazy, but I refuse to join in the hysteria of fear because I don’t believe Hussein is a threat to America, the Middle East or his own people. What if Saddam is not a brutal baby-killing demon? What if he doesn’t have the alleged weapons? What if he never intended to attack us or anyone else? Bush says if we wait to attack them, it will be too late to stop an attack on us. But I say if we attack, we will never know if they had any intention or capability to attack us, and it will be too late to prevent the deaths of thousands of Iraqi people … some of whom I now know personally. U.N. humanitarian agencies estimate 500,000 Iraqi civilians will be killed in a U.S. military attack, and millions more will die from starvation and disease in the aftermath. These people have done nothing to harm us. What if the real agenda is controlling the oil resources of Iraq? Are we, as American citizens, willing to condone the murder of millions of innocents and put our sons and daughters in harm’s way for the benefit of those in the administration who stand to profit from connections to oil corporations? When are we going to put a stop to U.S. imperialism and corporate exploitation of poor defenseless countries? It’s our patriotic duty after all! The American people own this country, remember? The government works for us. Read the Constitution. Do some research. Search your conscience. Make the right decision. And take action! Call or write our government officials and let them know that you want the inspections to continue and that you do not support an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Iraq. Millions of people all over the world will be watching the X Games. Show the world that Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley care about the lives of the Iraqi people by attending the Peace Rally on Buttermilk Mountain and Paepcke Park in Aspen on Saturday.Let history record that the American people did not stand idly by while their government officials carried out a hideous genocidal scheme for power and profit. Sue Gray Carbondale

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