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Ratchet effect undermines government

Dear Editor:I was happy to campaign and vote for Kathleen Curry to represent our District 61 in the state House. But at a recent talk in Aspen she told us that there’s very little the Legislature can do these days because of the drop in tax revenues during the recent recession, coupled with the ratchet effect that is part of TABOR. The ratchet effect, as I understand it, means that if the state income drops precipitously in one year because of disaster or recession, and the next year the state recovers and revenue increases, most of that increase cannot be used but must be refunded to the taxpayers. The ratchet effect aims to steadily undermine the power of government, with an eye to eliminating it altogether. One legislator compares Colorado’s current fiscal situation to the Dillon Reservoir, which, shrunk after years of drought, could never recover under TABOR. At the moment, mandated programs like Medicaid and corrections (prisons) are taking most of our money and there is little left for higher education (which educates our kids), public health (which protects us from epidemics) and transportation.Electing good people like Kathleen to office and then not giving them any money to work with doesn’t make sense. Please vote yes on the two nonpartisan Amendments C and D on Nov. 1.Ann MacLeodBasalt

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