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Rappaport hopes to earn rapport with voters again

Scott Condon
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Glenn Rappaport won two elections and served a little more than four years as a Basalt councilman before he stepped down in 1998. Now he’s hungry for another stab at office.

Rappaport became the sixth candidate to take out a nomination petition to run in the April 6 election. Three seats are open on the board. No incumbents are running.

Rappaport served from 1994 to 1998 then won re-election. He stepped down almost immediately after his second term started for personal reasons. He said the major reason was because of his home responsibilities. He went from being a bachelor when he took office to having a wife and four kids at the end of his term.

He and his wife had two babies during his years in office. His wife had two older children from a previous marriage. He was overwhelmed trying to balance home life and politics, he said.

Rappaport ran for mayor two years later in a race won by incumbent Rick Stevens. Rappaport said he’s interested in returning to the council because he believes Basalt is in a good position to “fine tune” its community amenities.

He said he supports establishment of a town historical museum, and he believes the construction of a community center should be explored.

Rappaport said the issues he is most interested in really aren’t about growth or no growth. However, he noted that the idea of approving growth that brings in a large number of additional people “is certainly not something I’m focused on.”

He said he won’t run with other candidates or give endorsements. All the candidates want the best for the town and will work to protect its charm, he said. He is anxious for campaign debate to flush out “who are the consensus builders and who are the dividers.”

The council candidates thus far are Nick Alcorta, Bernie Grauer, Mark Kittle, Jim Paussa and Rappaport. Auden Schendler has taken out a nomination petition but said he is uncertain if he will run.

The mayor’s race has attracted Leroy Duroux and Anne Freedman.

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