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Rapid approach of the offseason

Aspen Times writer

The weekend beckons, and with it should be coming a sloppy storm of rain and snow, depending on elevation, say the weather soothsayers.

Aspen could get anywhere from 4 inches to a couple of feet. Rafters, among others, are hoping for the latter.

Some among us have been whispering that they are in a hurry for summer. Bosh! is our response. Yes, the season is winding down, but everyone knows this is the favored time to be on the mountain: mellow locals everywhere, guiltless beers at 11 a.m., everyone in T-shirts feeling generally good about their place in the world.

Springtime skiing offers a joy found at no other time. The season holds promise of the spectacular summers that grace our area, and the mild weather entices us outdoors to enjoy anything and everything around us.

Well, maybe not everything. Some are still driving too fast and tailgating and exhibiting other unnatural offseason behavior. It makes one recall The Beatles, who sang of people “running everywhere at such a speed, ’til they find there’s no need.”

Slow down, brake for the skiers crossing the street and relax: You’re in Aspen, and few others are right now. Count your blessings, as your ma put it when you whined too much.

Snowmass still has a 75-inch base on top and 18 of its 21 lifts running. Next in the base race is Aspen Highlands, 73 on top and all four lifts in operation. There are 54 inches atop Aspen Mountain, which has six of eight lifts firing, while poor Buttermilk is quickly fading: 35 inches on top, but all seven lifts are still running.