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Rape investigation underway in Pitkin County

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo confirmed Tuesday that an investigation is ongoing into a woman’s claims that she was raped last week in the Old Snowmass area.

“We are investigating a sexual assault that occurred in the area of Old Snowmass,” DiSalvo said, noting that it allegedly happened on Thursday or Friday.

DiSalvo declined to provide details about the woman’s allegations. But an email sent by Old Snowmass resident Cathy Porter to neighbors on Monday afternoon said: “The details are thought to be: A woman was driving over Watson Divide and stopped to help a guy who was waving for assistance along the road. He got in the car, used a gun to force her to drive up Snowmass Creek Road and then raped and beat her, and threw her in the creek. She was able to get herself back to her car and call for assistance, but the perpetrator has not been caught!! No info as to if it was daylight or dark. Not sure why this has not made the paper but it was verified by a person previously associated with the police department.”

Porter could not be reached for immediate comment at her place of employment Tuesday.

The Aspen Times obtained the email and sent it to DiSalvo and Undersheriff Ron Ryan.

DiSalvo said that “we don’t have any reason to believe anyone is in danger,” but added, “we’re investigating it and processing all leads and taking evidence.”

The sheriff also would not say where the incident is alleged to have occurred in Old Snowmass, but “it wasn’t in a home. It wasn’t in a business. It was on the side of a road. It was in Old Snowmass, but I can’t get specific.”

The accuser is between the ages of 25 and 30, the sheriff said.