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Rankin’s time has come

Dear Editor:

My neighbor and friend Bob Rankin has been endorsed by The Denver Post for Colorado state senator. It’s time for a change.

Following is the text of the Post’s endorsement of Bob: “District 5 covers 11 counties, including all of the San Luis Valley, and runs from Aspen to the New Mexico border.

“This one was a toss-up for us. We do like incumbent Sen. Gail Schwartz. She’s a hard worker and travels all over her huge district. However, we think there needs to be more balance in the state Senate, and Republican Bob Rankin is a thoughtful conservative. Regarding the tax exemptions on businesses that the majority Democrats eliminated last year, Rankin says before restoring them each exemption ‘should be reviewed separately, taking into account its history, fairness and economic impact.’ He also thinks the state should find a new source of funding for transportation before reversing the FASTER vehicle registration fee hikes that Democrats approved. In our quest for balance, we give Rankin the nod.”

Phil Burnett


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