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Rambling thoughts

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Ruth.

I have read many of Ruth Harrison’s letters. I enjoy them. I agree with most of her comments and ideas. I am bewildered by her lyrical delivery! Each time I read one of her pieces, I wonder, “Who is this Ruth?” Ruth, we should have lunch sometime, I’m buying – your choice! Seriously! “It’s totally platonic!” – “Weird Science,” 1985.

Thank you, Ruth, for pulling the trigger on the whole Jerome rent-out thing.

I feel it unfortunate for the employees of the J Bar to have to serve minors soft drinks and be closed to the public for the NFL playoff weekend. We all knew the Donkeys were going to get blown out by the Patriots, but that was one hell of a Saints-49ers game. Aspen Highlands Pizza Co. was packed and we was all hootin’ ‘n’ hollerin’ ’bout the last-minute lead changes and final rush for the win! There was no Brees in the Saints sails! LOL!

When I first read the articles about the Jerome being rented out for four days on a busy weekend for a girls “coming of age” ceremony, I immediately thought it was probably some person working in the finance arena, selling bogus “loan packages” for a killing – a modern day “Wall Street” Gordon Gekko! “Winning”! That is funny, even though Michael Douglas played Gordon. Lo and behold, I was pretty correct, or at least the allegations in various national publications and federal investigations led one to believe!

No one will ever know the amount of money lost to the wait staff, because no wait staff personnel ever truly claims their total tip amounts. And why would you when they bust their tails and make a meager $4.79 – if that – an hour! Lee Mulcahy, where is your fight for these underpaid persons working for a less then living wage?

Best wishes to the young lady. When will people start caring about others, when they are making more – or taking more – then some third world countries’ GNP!

Happy new year, and you all are invited to my Dec. 21, 2012 party on Dec. 20, 2012. Don’t be late!

John Norman


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