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Rally against the rec center

Dear Editor:

Land-use meetings are forthcoming regardless of the pleas to stop this reckless spending and taxing project. Mentioned in the land-use article was that thus far there have been emotional issues regarding the needs of the community vs. the taxpayer burden (“Tough land-use issues is next hurdle for midvalley rec center,” June 16, 2011, The Aspen Times).

The recreation center is not a need of the community, it is a “want of some.” Taxpayer burden is an economical issue. Just reading some of the land-use article gives you only a peek at more and more forth coming costs.

Laying tax burdens of this enormity at the feet of the community should shame those who continue on this path. I have stated previously how wrong it is to ask the taxpayers to pay for someone else’s recreational wants.

Why don’t those who want this ban together and get a private sector business/investor and go forward?

Don’t ask us who won’t use it, can’t afford to use it, can’t afford to be taxed on it to provide the money for your indulgence.

I am curious as to how many people that don’t pay taxes and won’t be affected are going to be able to vote on this issue. Most have worked hard or smart or both to be able to live here and we don’t want to be taxed out of our homes. This type of facility belongs to cities that do not have all of the natural recreation that we have here.

I urge you to realize what is being forced upon us here and start calling, writing, and put a stop to continuing recreation center debate. I urge you who started this hungry monster to get your head out of the sand and realize the economic situation of the people of the community.

We cannot afford this needless expense. Enjoy the blessings we have.

Sue Driggers


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