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Rall offers nothing worth reading

We conservatives who are thoughtful enough gain insights by reading responsible liberal newspapers and periodicals – The Aspen Times and the Atlantic Monthly, for instance.

We can learn more from them than from reading conservative journals that most often reflect our own views.

The Aspen Times now disappoints us by running one Ted Rall regularly. Here is a raucously vituperative columnist who delights in ad-hominem attacks on those who do not share his views.

Here are some phrases that refer to President Bush and his people. From the June 6 column, headed, “Why Dems must nominate Gore”:

“Bush’s disreputable cabinet of tin-pot gangsters …”

Referring to Bush, “This inferior man, a dim-witted former cheerleader …”

“As Generalissimo El Busho’s approval rating plummets …”

“the current Bush junta.”

“Bush – the dopey fat boy moderate of 2000 has morphed into a sinister corporate and military shill.”

“But like his father Poppy, the Generalissimo neither recognizes the fact of the recession …”

Referring to Bush again, “No one likes a Chicken Little …”

Mr. Rall seems to enjoy vituperative phrases so much he even disparages his champion, Al Gore. Witness:

“He must lose his wonky, section 64(b)/paragraph 4.12, star pupil style.”

“He does not want to end up doing a reprise of the wacky professor routine …”

The Times could serve us better by treating us to a few level-headed liberals, rather than this sort of writer. The deafening sounds of Mr. Rall’s diatribes drown out any worthwhile comments he might make.

Phil Desmond

Snowmass Village

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