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Raking muck at the Daily News

Dear Editor:

Aspen is a town that depends on the tourist industry. To write an article about the man who brought so much business to this town for his daughter’s bat mitzvah was nothing more than mean-spirited and ugly.

This is not the first time a local hotel has been rented out for a corporate retreat or private group. Why your paper had to write about the event and the family in such a negative way, especially timed to ruin their happy celebration, is so low and an embarrassment to our town. The fact that this man is under investigation for his business endeavors is old news, and to bring them up on such an important event, typically filled with happiness, is simply shameful.

I don’t understand what the motivation was for this article. I personally am thankful for the business they are bringing to Aspen, and I hope that this paper, its editors and writers will reconsider why they cover events and the way in which they cover them.

Shlomo Ben-Hamoo


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