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Raising my voice

Dear Editor:My name is Alexandra Norvell. I am 15 years old and am currently attending Basalt High School as a sophomore.Today voting is felt very strongly upon by those of all ages, races and sexes. Although people have different opinions, I feel strongly about mine, as much as society does as well. So I am writing you this because I think teens’ voices should be heard, as I’d like mine to be.I’d rather John Kerry be our next president, rather than President Bush taking another four years in office. And from what I know, in this valley most people are Democrats, others Republicans. Although Bush is a great president on certain terms, there are also many reasons to say why he’s disliked upon many terms.First of all, under Bush Jr. there are now 43 million Americans without heath insurance. Another reason is that Bush is also responsible for an estimated unemployment rate of 6 percent. There are now 9 million people out of the workforce. In America now, 3.3 million more people are unemployed than when Bush first took office.I also know the national debt under Bush has increased so drastically that the average American’s estimated share of the national debt will be $2,400. It was $500 when Bush first took office.And, after sending troops to fight in the Middle East, Bush still has yet to attend any soldier’s funeral. So many lives lost, and he can’t attend a soldier’s funeral. If Kerry were in office, first, the war probably wouldn’t have started, and he’d at least try to attend soldiers’ funerals.In addition, the Bush administration had twice as many FBI agents fighting the war on drugs, rather than fighting terrorism, prior to Sept. 11. Even after Sept. 11, more than 2,000 agents are wasting their time on the war on drugs.I wrote to you for many reasons. I think more teens should have their voices heard, since they can’t vote for another 3-4 years. I understand people disagree with what I have to say. And I know that most everyone has their own reasons, even if they agree with me. I just wanted my voice to be heard, being a teen myself. Thank you for your time.Alexandra NorvellBasalt


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