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Race results: 36th annual Fourth of July Boogie’s Buddy Race in Aspen

The 36th annual Boogie’s Buddy Race took place on Monday, July 4, 2022, a benefit for the local Buddy Program. Below are the top-30 finishers in both the 5-mile and 5-kilometer races. For full results, click here.

5-Mile Race (top 30 only)
*women in bold
1—Colin McGrath—35—Male—28:30.18
2—Josh Lafair—21—Male—31:29.69
3—John Tucker—38—Male—31:37.08
4—Reid Tankersley—35—Male—31:54.75
5—Ryland French—33—Male—32:18.82
6—Edwin Ryerson—16—Male—32:27.90
7—Kristin Layne—38—Female—32:54.56
8—Tyler Doremus—34—Male—33:22.38
9—Andrew Crown—29—Male—33:30.34
10—Sam Zoll—30—Male—34:08.75
11—Christopher Ellis-Ferrara—37—Male—34:10.89
12—Bryan Dinner—28—Male—34:41.85
13—Julie Stackhouse—43—Female—35:08.15
14—Nicholas Weil—40—Male—35:29.15
15—Christine Benedetti—40—Female—35:37.66
16—Reid Hansen—37—Male—35:37.80
17—Jim Anderson—59—Male—36:05.83
18—Mica Bodkins—18—Female—36:11.77
19—Jimmy Byrne—50—Male—36:17.70
20—Adam Beach—39—Male—36:30.74
21—Katy Stege—36—Female—36:32.44
22—Matt Stege—38—Male—36:32.45
23—Bryan Gieszl—47—Male—37:06.93
24—Mike Connolly—56—Male—37:11.99
25—Maxwell Rispoli—30—Male—37:35.11
26—Katie Smelker—31—Female—37:44.07
27—Geoff Lubin—40—Male—37:48.25
28—Julie Ernst—58—Female—37:49.27
29—Jake Lieberfarb—24—Male—37:49.76
30—Cynnie Ogden—70—Female—37:57.31

5-Kilometer Race (top 30 only)
*women in bold
1—Ana Lamping—22—Female—17:58.98
2—Nicolas Perea—29—Male—18:07.43
3—Kerwyn Huang—43—Male—18:53.39
4—Lucas Jacobs—15—Male—19:42.18
5—Ashley A Connolly—46—Female—19:43.87
6—Marcio Mendes—48—Male—20:06.83
7—Wells Hatcher—16—Male—20:14.82
8—Coltyn Present—19—Male—20:15.05
9—Caroline Scott—14—Female—21:24.13
10—Jeremy Murphy—34—Male—21:30.93
11—Aleksandra Fridman—30—Female—21:38.40
12—Barrett Hatcher—14—Male—21:46.17
13—Presley Pate—14—Female—22:05.52
14—Jeffrey Grewal—48—Male—22:06.91
16—Jon Lipp—37—Male—22:51.39
17—Duke Dawson—14—Male—22:54.10
18—James Connolly—11—Male—23:03.28
19—Callie Cavanaugh—31—Female—23:05.52
20—Zoran Vujic—30—Male—23:09.98
21—Mina Arsic—31—Female—23:10.04
22—Samantha Hoffmann—37—Female—23:14.37
23—Will McMackin—17—Male—23:15.60
24—Alexis Scott—17—Female—23:30.39
25—Michael Lafair—57—Male—23:31.84
26—Carly Stillman—32—Female—23:47.40
27—Susan Marolt—57—Female—23:55.47
28—Jane Marolt—22—Female—24:05.47
29—Jennifer McNeil—44—Female—24:06.98
30—Abigail Mueller—13—Female—24:20.67


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