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Quite contrary

Dear Editor:

You’re right. Your senses should not be ignored (letters, Feb. 8). Neither should anyone else’s. It hasn’t snowed, and there has only been one frost this winter in Germany. The Inuit’s villages are being washed into the sea because the ocean is able to wash the shore away because the permafrost has disappeared. The Greenland ice sheet is disappearing fast. The ice-free area on the northern pole region is so large that a northwest passage is being explored. Seventy five percent more ice melted in Antarctica in 2006 than in 1996. The snows of Kilimanjaro will be gone in a decade at the current rate of melting. We’re enjoying an unusual winter of much snow in Colorado. But is that global? The average global temperature has increased.

A year of unusual weather of any kind is not to be taken as a trend. Mike Mason believes that the temperature of the Earth correlates with the sun’s output. The sun’s output is at a minimum right now. So why were the last 10 years the hottest on record?

Mason and other contrarians like to point to 1998, when the El Nino warming was a maximum, to say that cooling is occurring since then. Why not pick an unusual hot occurrence for your baseline if it will prove a point? The point is, 1998 was one of the hottest years on record, followed by more record breaking years.

Satellite data on the Earth’s temperature has not shown a cooling trend. That the satellite data shows a warming trend is settled science, contrary to (letter writer Mike)Mason’s claims. Is he being a shill for the oil and gas industry, or does he just enjoy being a contrarian?

Gerry Terwilliger


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