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Quit your whining

Dear Editor:

This is to all the poor souls that are being forced to take a few days of from their construction projects during Christmas (“Aspen halts construction for holidays,” Dec. 22): Quit your damn whining!

I’m a 28-year valley resident who has worn out multiple vehicles and tools trying to keep ahead of the curve by building monuments to people’s egos in the upper valley. I’m probably one of the better finish carpenters/framers in the valley. I’ve only had work for a total of half a week in the last four. Guess what ” there is only so much work out there right now and less in the near future.

If you have a job and are forced to take just a few days off, be thankful and enjoy your families. Right now I’m just thankful that for almost half my life the wealthy that we vilify when it serves our purpose have given me an opportunity to do something that I love to do. Things could be worse, much worse.

John Ostwald


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